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OSCAR 23.01

OSCAR 23.01 is the January 2023 version of the OSCAR Corpus based on the November/December 2022 dump of Common Crawl. While being quite similar to OSCAR 22.01, it contains several new features, including KenLM-based adult content detection, precomputed Locality-Sensitive Hashes for near deduplication, and blocklist-based categories. OSCAR 23.01 has also moved from gzip to Zstandard compression. You might already have zstd installed on your system, but if not, please check the Zstandard website for installation instructions.



If you already have access to the corpus, there's nothing to do! Go up in the file hierarchy on the link you've been given, and you should find the new corpus.

Access to the OSCAR Corpus changes depending on your status. More info on our dedicated page.

Getting access

New Features


OSCAR 22.01 leveraged the UT1 Blocklists project to attempt to classify some adult content present in OSCAR. The OSCAR 23.01 pipeline iterated on this to include all of the blocklists provided by UT1.


The UT1 Blocklists page lists all the categories along with a short description. We strongly encourage you to read the descriptions if you plan on using them. Please also note that these descriptions are in French. We're working on an English translation of them.


A document can belong to multiple categories.

These categories are in a field that is at this path: metadata.categories.


    "metadata": {
        // ...
        "categories": ["blog", "news"],
        // ...
    // ...

KenLM-based Adult Content Filtering

For a select number of subcorpora, a measure of perplexity has been added. This perplexity comes from a KenLM model trained on harmful content, previously gathered by using the adult annotation in OSCAR 22.01. In other terms, the lower it is, the more likely a given document contains harmful/adult content.


This feature can be considered as unstable/unsafe, since we also want to evaluate its impact on particular issues.

As such, we do not provide a boolean value indicating if a given document can be harmful/adult content, but rather the raw perplexity. We have found a threshold that works well in English, but encourage you to experiment with it and to report back your findings.

Locality Sentitive Hashing

We use TLSH to compute a hash for each document.

Locality sensitive hashing is a hashing method that computes similar hashes for similar documents.

This can be used to do both exact- and near- deduplication.

Hashes are at metadata.tlsh.

Minor changes

  • metadata.annotations has been renamed metadata.quality_warnings, and only contains length based quality warnings (see the OSCAR 2201 documentation for details).
  • Some language tags have changed to better respect the BCP47:
    • als has become gsw. Previously, als was erroneously used as the tag for Alemannic/Swiss German, whereas it is the tag for Tosk Albanian.
    • eml has become x-eml. The eml tag is deprecated and as such has been replaced by a private tag (x-eml).


   "content":"English sentence\nphrase en français\n????????????", // (1)
   "warc_headers":{ // (2)
      "content-length":"35298", // (3)
      "warc-block-digest":"sha1:WFH2A5WHCS2H365GIAFYQPI7UOAMFGHB", // (3)
      "identification":{ // (4)
      "harmful_pp":4063.1814, // (5)
      "tlsh":"tlsh:T125315FF2B6088901EEA097015DB39B4600B...", // (6)
      "quality_warnings":[ // (7)
      "categories":[ // (8)
      "sentence_identifications":[ // (9)

Some important notes:

  1. Newline-separated content.
  2. Headers from the crawled dumps are left untouched. See the WARC specification for more info.
  3. Since warc_headers are copied and content can be altered by Ungoliant at generation stage, content-length and warc-block-digest can be different from actual values.
  4. Document-level identification. Computation details can be found on the OSCAR 22.01 paper.
  5. Perplexity of the document, computed using a KenLM model trained on harmful content. See this pre-print for more info. The lower this number is, the higher the probability that it will contain harmful or adult content. This annotation will be changed from harmful_pp to harmful_pplin future releases.
  6. Locality Sensitive Hash of the documents' content, using TLSH. Useful for both exact and near deduplication.
  7. (Corresponds to annotations pre-23.01) Potential quality warnings. Based on content/sentence length. See [OSCAR 22.01 paper for more info.
  8. Blocklist-based categories. Uses the UT1 Blocklist, plus custom additions. Please refer to the UT1 website for categories description. Note that the categories are in French.
  9. Sentence-level identifications. A null value means no identification with a good enough threshold (>0.8 on 23.01).

Language table

Language Code Size # docs # words
0 Afrikaans af 48M soon soon
1 Amharic am 598M soon soon
2 Aragonese an 32K soon soon
3 Arabic ar 129G soon soon
4 Egyptian Arabic arz 5.5M soon soon
5 Assamese as 475M soon soon
6 Asturian ast 256K soon soon
7 Avaric av 48K soon soon
8 South Azerbaijani azb 41M soon soon
9 Azerbaijani az 3.9G soon soon
10 Bashkir ba 433M soon soon
11 Belarusian be 2.7G soon soon
12 Bulgarian bg 50G soon soon
13 Bihari languages bh 32K soon soon
14 Bangla bn 22G soon soon
15 Tibetan bo 564M soon soon
16 Bishnupriya bpy 6.8M soon soon
17 Breton br 51M soon soon
18 Bosnian bs 16K soon soon
19 Russia Buriat bxr 48K soon soon
20 Catalan ca 20G soon soon
21 Cebuano ceb 51M soon soon
22 Chechen ce 19M soon soon
23 Central Kurdish ckb 895M soon soon
24 Czech cs 101G soon soon
25 Chuvash cv 52M soon soon
26 Welsh cy 422M soon soon
27 Danish da 19G soon soon
28 German de 749G soon soon
29 Lower Sorbian dsb 512 soon soon
30 Divehi dv 247M soon soon
31 Greek el 112G soon soon
32 English en 4.2T soon soon
33 Esperanto eo 629M soon soon
34 Spanish es 543G soon soon
35 Estonian et 11G soon soon
36 Basque eu 1.6G soon soon
37 Persian fa 110G soon soon
38 Finnish fi 53G soon soon
39 French fr 547G soon soon
40 Western Frisian fy 94M soon soon
41 Irish ga 81M soon soon
42 Scottish Gaelic gd 464K soon soon
43 Galician gl 366M soon soon
44 Guarani gn 16K soon soon
45 Goan Konkani gom 2.6M soon soon
46 Swiss German gsw 384K soon soon
47 Gujarati gu 6.3G soon soon
48 Hebrew he 21G soon soon
49 Hindi hi 36G soon soon
50 Croatian hr 39M soon soon
51 Upper Sorbian hsb 288K soon soon
52 Haitian Creole ht 128K soon soon
53 Hungarian hu 182G soon soon
54 Armenian hy 5.6G soon soon
55 Interlingua ia 64K soon soon
56 Indonesian id 27G soon soon
57 Interlingue ie 512 soon soon
58 Iloko ilo 96K soon soon
59 Ido io 112K soon soon
60 Icelandic is 2.9G soon soon
61 Italian it 327G soon soon
62 Japanese ja 228G soon soon
63 Lojban jbo 2.0M soon soon
64 Javanese jv 96K soon soon
65 Georgian ka 9.2G soon soon
66 Kazakh kk 3.8G soon soon
67 Khmer km 3.4G soon soon
68 Kannada kn 2.9G soon soon
69 Korean ko 46G soon soon
70 Karachay-Balkar krc 336K soon soon
71 Kurdish ku 221M soon soon
72 Komi kv 272K soon soon
73 Cornish kw 512 soon soon
74 Kyrgyz ky 581M soon soon
75 Latin la 7.7M soon soon
76 Luxembourgish lb 27M soon soon
77 Lezghian lez 1.2M soon soon
78 Limburgish li 512 soon soon
79 Lombard lmo 80K soon soon
80 Lao lo 538M soon soon
81 Lithuanian lt 19G soon soon
82 Latvian lv 9.2G soon soon
83 Maithili mai 32K soon soon
84 Malagasy mg 16M soon soon
85 Eastern Mari mhr 28M soon soon
86 Minangkabau min 5.0M soon soon
87 Macedonian mk 5.5G soon soon
88 Malayalam ml 6.3G soon soon
89 Mongolian mn 6.5G soon soon
90 Western Mari mrj 1008K soon soon
91 Marathi mr 4.9G soon soon
92 Malay ms 7.1M soon soon
93 Maltese mt 3.3M soon soon
94 Maltese multi 14G soon soon
95 Mirandese mwl 512 soon soon
96 Burmese my 3.3G soon soon
97 Mazanderani mzn 352K soon soon
98 Nahuatl languages nah 32K soon soon
99 Low German nds 14M soon soon
100 Nepali ne 5.4G soon soon
101 Newari new 4.9M soon soon
102 Dutch nl 180G soon soon
103 Norwegian Nynorsk nn 12M soon soon
104 Norwegian no 3.8G soon soon
105 Occitan oc 784K soon soon
106 Odia or 642M soon soon
107 Ossetic os 57M soon soon
108 Punjabi pa 1.6G soon soon
109 Polish pl 193G soon soon
110 Piedmontese pms 4.3M soon soon
111 Western Panjabi pnb 117M soon soon
112 Pashto ps 318M soon soon
113 Portuguese pt 131G soon soon
114 Quechua qu 512 soon soon
115 Romanian ro 56G soon soon
116 Russian ru 1.3T soon soon
117 Sakha sah 81M soon soon
118 Sanskrit sa 65M soon soon
119 Sindhi sd 161M soon soon
120 Serbian (Latin) sh 2.1M soon soon
121 Sinhala si 2.8G soon soon
122 Slovak sk 27G soon soon
123 Slovenian sl 1.9G soon soon
124 Somali so 512 soon soon
125 Albanian sq 4.1G soon soon
126 Serbian sr 8.7G soon soon
127 Sundanese su 16K soon soon
128 Swedish sv 65G soon soon
129 Swahili sw 1.9M soon soon
130 Tamil ta 17G soon soon
131 Telugu te 4.3G soon soon
132 Tajik tg 1.2G soon soon
133 Thai th 100G soon soon
134 Turkmen tk 5.2M soon soon
135 Filipino tl 880M soon soon
136 Turkish tr 93G soon soon
137 Tatar tt 981M soon soon
138 Uyghur ug 257M soon soon
139 Ukrainian uk 52G soon soon
140 Urdu ur 4.3G soon soon
141 Uzbek uz 23M soon soon
142 Vietnamese vi 170G soon soon
143 Volapük vo 800K soon soon
144 Walloon wa 192K soon soon
145 Waray war 720K soon soon
146 Wu Chinese wuu 80K soon soon
147 Kalmyk xal 512 soon soon
148 Unknown language [x-eml] x-eml 512 soon soon
149 Mingrelian xmf 9.8M soon soon
150 Yiddish yi 208M soon soon
151 Yoruba yo 80K soon soon
152 Chinese zh 1.4T soon soon